August 10, 2010

Your Most Precious Asset

In August 2008 Marc Hogan was bet £1 that he couldn’t become a stand up comic in less than 12 months and perform a one man comedy show at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival in August 2009 for 21 nights. He won the bet!

A little while ago I gave a keynote speech to one of the world’s biggest banks (and one of the very few who didn’t need to be bailed out). Before my session I spent a very enjoyable and interesting couple of hours listening to the proceeding presentations. (No, honestly I really did, these guys are good presenters!)

What I found fascinating and exciting was the passion in the room and the commitment of the speakers to improving company performance and helping their people achieve their goals and exceed their potential.

All the delegates were effectively coaches and they all understood and bought into the idea that their most precious resource was their people.

It was quite obvious they understood a very old but very true maxim, “If you look after your people, [and I mean really listen and encourage them] they in turn, will look after you.”

In fact I was so impressed by this bank that I will be looking to open an account with them very soon!

Click here to watch Marc’s showreel. If you would like to find out more about Marc, visit or to book him for a speaking event please contact your favourite speaker bureau.

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