July 24, 2009

The Lovely Ian Kendall

Can Marc Hogan, a man who’s never performed stand-up comedy before in his life have a successful show at the Edinburgh Festival – all to win a £1 bet?

It always amazes me how helpful people can be.

Over the last few months so many people have given me their advice and time to help me be ready for Edinburgh.

Recently Ian Kendall a magician (who is doing his 18th Edinburgh Festival show!!!), emailed and then we chatted on the phone for over an hour as he gave me some top advice about marketing show, and dealing with nerves etc.

He was a really nice guy, what was strange that as I talked to him, I realised I had already met him! He had performed some close up magic for me & Kirsty at the festival last year! I wanted to go to his show but we were actually going home later that day, and couldn’t make it!

His ideas on Marketing obviously work, as he was the only Performer to actually have a conversation with me on the streets of Edinburgh, rather than just hand out a flyer. In fact I can’t remember anyone else who handed out a flyer ( though I have a vague recollection most of them were young and pretty)!

So if you’re coming to Edinburgh, be prepared to talk to me as I tramp up and down Princess Street. I’ll be the only flyerer (?) who is over the age of 30!

I’m definitely going to see Ian’s show and you should too – check him out here http://www.iankendall.com/

If you would like to find out more about Marc, or to book him for a speaking event please visit www.marchoganlive.com

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