June 25, 2013

PC Worlds Worst Customer Service?

Marc Hogan was bet £1 that he couldn’t become a stand up comic in less than 12 months and perform a one man comedy show at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival for 21 nights. He won the bet!

“Every day we must find new ways to surprise, delight and improve the lives of our customers. … we will have to strive hard to keep up our momentum and will flourish only if we continue to offer ever higher levels of service…”

Sebastian James – Group Chief Executive of Dixons Retail, owner of PC World and Currys

Mr James, you still have some work to do….

As you know I often speak about customer service, but over the last 2 weeks, I’ve probably had the worst customer service experience I’ve ever encountered.

Tuesday June 11th
Order laptop from PC World. Expected delivery June 17th on receipt.

Sunday June 16th
Receive text from DPD (PC Worlds Delivery Service) – laptop to be delivered on June 17th.

Monday June 17th
I wait in all day, laptop never arrives.

Monday June 17th
I phone DPD, they can’t tell me where my laptop is, and they can’t contact the driver.

I decide to check with the neighbours, DPD might have delivered it to one of them, it’s not there. I check my garage, no not there either. I check in the back garden, no. I even check my bin, nope nothing. This is the world worst version of ‘Wheres Wally’.

Monday June 17th
I phone PC World’s Customer Service Department, they still don’t know where laptop is. Check with DPD again, they’ve gone home!

Tuesday June 18th
Check with DPD online, they claim to have no package with my tracking number. I call PC World again they said they would look into it. I also send an email to PC Worlds Customer Service department KNOWHOW. I hear nothing back, they should be called NORESPONSE.

Wednesday June 19th
I call PC World again. A helpful girl places a ‘lost in transit request’ and leaves me a message on Thursday 20 to confirm this. By now I want to place a ‘lost my mind request’.

Friday June 21st
I call again and explain under the Distance Selling Regulations they have broken the terms of the contract and that ‘time is of the essence’. Therefore I would like to cancel my order and have a refund or to be able to pick up the laptop, which is in stock at my local PC world.

Sean from PC world says that delivery date is only estimated and due to the ‘lost in transit investigation’ which is covered under their Terms & Conditions they will not issue a refund, or let me pick up laptop from local store!

I ask him to show me this in their Ts & Cs, which he is unable to do.  I wonder if he can set up  a ‘Lost my Ts & Cs investigation‘?

To be fair if they don’t know where my laptop is, why would they know where their terms and conditions are?

Having looked online I’ve been unable to find in their Ts&Cs anything about failure to deliver.


However if you look at their Cancellations policy…

If you’ve changed your mind about the item you’ve purchased and want to cancel your order before your delivery – no problem.

Just call our contact centre on 0844 561 1234 and we’ll discuss the cancellation with you and whether you’d prefer to have an alternative product sent to you, or a refund.

Sean still refuses to issues a refund due to the ‘lost in transit investigation‘. I ask to be speak to someone more senior. Sean promises me a manger will call me back in 20 minutes.

No one calls me back. – I wonder if I can request  a ‘lost my manager investigation’?

Tuesday 25th
After no response for 4 days, I call again; once again I ask for a refund, or to allow me to pick up laptop in store.

Marcus Hollely from customer Services refuses because of the ‘lost in transit investigation’.

I ask to speak to a manager. He promises that some one will call me back. So far KNOWHOW have NOCALLED, I decide to write a blog…

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