June 2, 2013

Not So Great Gatsby

Marc Hogan was bet £1 that he couldn’t become a stand up comic in less than 12 months and perform a one man comedy show at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival for 21 nights. He won the bet!

Last week Kirsty and I went to see The Great Gatsby. Afterwards whilst discussing the film Kirsty claimed that original novels are always better than their film adaptions. She’s wrong of course; she’s clearly never seen The Muppet’s Christmas Carol…

Let’s face it, having Kermit play Bob Cratchit, and Fozzie Bear play Mr Fezziwig is no less innocuous than having Jay-Z and Beyonce playing at a 1920’s party.

In The Great Gatsby (spoiler alert) characters pursue visions of the future that are determined by their pasts.

Whilst in A Christmas Carol Scrooge learns that our pasts though important do not have to define our future.

As Gatsby says “Can’t repeat the past…?  Why of course you can!” – the question is do you want to?

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to watch Marc’s showreel. If you would like to find out more about Marc, visit www.marchoganlive.com or to book him for a speaking event please contact your favourite speaker bureau.


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