September 10, 2012

Dreaming With Our Eyes Open

In August 2008 Marc Hogan was bet £1 that he couldn’t become a stand up comic in less than 12 months and perform a one man comedy show at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival in August 2009 for 21 nights. He won the bet!

A human lifespan lasts, on average, 79 years. In that time a person living in the UK will eat an average 479 fish fingers, take 7163 baths, shed 121 pints of tears, dream 104,390 dreams, go through 1033 chickens, buy 733 balloons and perhaps if they are lucky enough they might get to sit in an Olympic Stadium just once!

I’m not too proud to admit I was an Olympic naysayer. “It’s too expensive”, “look at what happened to the Millennium Dome”, “there will be empty seats” etc, etc.

However I was completely wrong. All day, every day the Olympic venues were packed and I was thrilled by every Olympian and Paralympian in all their biodiversity! It was an amazing summer.

Are there still problems in the world? Yes. Can we do more to help people at home and abroad? Yes. But you know what, if the Olympics have shown us anything, it has shown us that there is practically nothing a person can achieve if they dare to dream a little bigger…

Click here to watch Marc’s showreel. If you would like to find out more about Marc, visit or to book him for a speaking event please contact your favourite speaker bureau.


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